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Investigations of Employees on Sick Leave

A rumour is spreading indicating that one of your employees is on sick leave to work for a competitor or independently in the same field. If this rumour persists and you want to verify the facts, you have come to the right place. BCS will conduct a quick investigation and assemble evidence that may become overwhelming.

Investigation in Case of Suspected Theft

We regularly conduct investigations in order to identify theft or misuse of funds. Our investigations are more and more frequent regarding theft of materials, goods or products. If you know how these infractions are being committed, we can take specific action. If you are unaware of the nature of the offences, our investigation will uncover what is happening to your property and who is involved. The theft can then be stopped.

Investigation Regarding Customer Poaching

Without you being aware, one of your employees may want to start their own company. They may contact some of your suppliers without your knowledge so they can build a customer base. You may notice that the employee lacks motivation and that their performance is affected. Your clients may even point this out. Using these facts, we can help you verify your suspicions through an investigation.

Pre-Hiring Investigation

Companies that want to hire people for management positions often conduct investigations, which occurs very frequently in Canada. Without an investigation, your company may hire an employee who is not qualified for the job or someone who may conduct industrial espionage; these risks should not be ignored. An investigation will make it possible to identify the legal history of the applicant. A peripheral investigation may also highlight potential legal problems.

Post-Termination Investigation

An investigation may be warranted in case of a termination of employment in order to enforce a non-competition cause. This clause prevents the worker from being employed by a company in direct competition with their former employer. We can conduct an investigation if you suspect that your former employee may be working for a competitor.

Investigation to Locate an Individual

We can conduct an investigation into criminals who reactivate dormant companies in order to provide products and then declare bankruptcy or disappear. Our investigation may help you find these people when the most recent invoice, generally in a high amount, remains unpaid.