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Private Investigator

BCS Investigation, a private investigator  agency, has selected methods for its detectives to use to ensure that their investigations comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The principles that our private investigators  follow are based on the Quebec Court of Appeal case Syndicat des travailleurs(euses) de Bridgestone Firestone de Joliette (CSN) c. Trudeau et al, CS. According to this Court of Appeal decision, private detectives have recourse to video evidence.

Private investigators  are required to fulfil the mandate with which you entrust them, and have access to the latest technological equipment. BCS investigation is passionate about our field and we regularly make investments in legal material that makes it possible to go further in our investigations.

Private investigators employed by BCS Investigation may use the following equipment:

• High performance software
• Cameras and video cameras
• A number of vehicles used for recording and/or surveillance
• Equipment that can identify the sources of video and audio recording
• Effective communication methods