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Corporate Surveillance: Insurance, CSST and Enterprise

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From the very beginning, BCS Investigation Group, which specializes in surveillance and double agents, has set itself apart in the world of private investigations by providing high-quality services to employers.

Our goal is to help you find solutions to unjustified claims to the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité au travail (CSST) and to help you resolve unjustified insurance medical claims and issues of absenteeism at work, as well as any problems related to theft, fraud and drugs.



For  insurance claims, it is common for companies to use surveillance in case of litigation.

A fraud has been committed when an insured person has not provided the required information or has done something against medical advice. Making fraudulent claims to insurance companies is a serious crime because employees agree to a collective insurance policy, which involves every single employee in the company. If there is fraud, those employees are subject to dismissal.



The CSST and many other government agencies require the services of BCS Investigation. We use strict criteria to complete our inquiries. Our agency has an investigation licence, and all of our investigators are licensed by the Bureau de la Sécurité privée du Québec. Our investigators follow the principles based on the Quebec Court of Appeal case Syndicat des travailleurs(euses) de Bridgestone Firestone de Joliette (CSN) c. Trudeau et al, CS.

What surveillance allows you to observe:

  • The claimant’s state of health
  • Earnings
  • AssociationsConfidential relationship
  • The claimant’s movement
  • Tasks
  • All other relevant activity

The results observed with respect to our clients

  • Identification of thefts and fraud
  • Significant reduction in CSST and health insurance plan costs
  • Reduction in the rate of absenteeism
  • Safety and recovery of significant sums of money
  • Obtaining substantial proof for the courts
  • Firing

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