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BCS Investigation, a private detective agency, offers a full range of surveillance services. Our employees are professionals and your information will remain strictly confidential. We can help you monitor your company to help you manage it more effectively.

Every request for surveillance is submitted for thorough analysis, which is what makes us different from our competitors.

Video surveillance is still the best surveillance tool, making it possible to establish evidence in terms for fraud claims that are accepted by the CSST (workers’ compensation board) and insurance companies. Video surveillance also makes it possible to identify employees who have frequently been failing to perform their duties.

As part of their surveillance duties, our private detectives work with cameras that are sometimes hidden in order to obtain evidence for your file. We can offer you an investigation with personalized surveillance with qualified private detectives using state-of-the-art technology.

Our video technologies provide evidence that can be used in court and which complies with existing laws.

Our company does not have any borders; in Quebec City, Montreal and beyond, our expertise full discretion assures you that the surveillance will be conducted successfully.

Surveillance may take place under the following circumstances:

• Surveillance following doubts regarding claims for sick leave or industrial accidents;
• Surveillance conducted in order to verify the causes of unjustified absences from work;
• Surveillance of an employee whose activity you would like to monitor.